Depending on the kind of job, different outfits are requested. The most accurate info on this can the found in the job description or - after being booked - in your job briefing. Normally the jobs at require the following outfits:

  • Host/ess: black trousers (no jeans), white business shirt, black blazer, black socks, black (leather) shoes

  • Waitress/Waiter: black trousers (no jeans), black business shirt, long black socks, black (leather) shoes

  • Logistics: proper clothing (preferably balck, no brands), safety shoes (type S3), gloves for working, (helmet)

  • Promotions: black jeans, black shoes without branding

Should a job require a unusual outfit, we will inform you in the job description so that you know before applying for the job and can check if you have the outfit or not.