If you have applied for one of the jobs in our ucm.jobs app and have been booked, you need proof of your working hours during the job. That's what the Digital Time Tracking is made for.

Your working hours are now recorded for every job with the help of our digital check-in - this means:

  • You check in on the app before you start your job,
  • Enter if you took a break
  • At the end of the shift, the on-site contact person enters a code in your app for the check-out.

Your working hours are transmitted directly to us and released for billing - very conveniently and environmentally friendly without any waste of paper! :)

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't check in as planned for your booked job, we will assume that you are not attending your shift! This is why it is highly important to enter your check in and check out times timely at the start and end of your shift.

Payment then always is being processed by the 15th of the next month. About a week later you will also have the relevant payroll documents in your profile to download.

Your #TeamUCM

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