Your application photos should meet a number of factors. But don't worry, they don't have to be expensive professional pictures! You can easily take appropriate pictures in front of a white wall in your home with an average smartphone camera, wearing jeans and a white or light-colored shirt. It is important that you observe the points listed below.

Your pictures should fulfill the following points in order to be successful

  • have a good image quality (resolution)

  • you should be visible clearly

  • have a neutral nature

  • offer different perspectives, but at least portrait and full body

The following images are not suitable

  • group photos

  • Photos where you have red eyes

  • Photos where you can be seen intoxicated/with alcohol in your hands

  • highly revealing photos

  • Poor quality photos (resolution)

We offer free castings at regular intervals, where you can have professional photos taken of you to use for your profile.*

*ATTENTION: Due to the current pandemic situation, we are not offering any castings for the time being.

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