If you are not an EU citizen, you need a valid work permit for our cooperation. Please upload this to your profile as a document. We then check it and approve it, as far as all data is correct.


  • an extension paper/ extension page (= ZUSATZBLATT) ALWAYS HAS TO BE UPLOADED COMBINED WITH a visa/ fiction certificate/ residence permit. Otherwise it's invalid and will be declined.
  • you need to upload ALL PAGES of your work permit document

We accept the following documents:

Residence permit + Additional paper


Fiction certificate:

If you have just applied for your work permit or its extension, then a letter from the responsible authority is sufficient for us.

Rejection reasons for a work permit document

  • Document is incomplete (e.g. you only uploaded the front but not the back or you overlooked part of the document when photographing/scanning)

  • Document has expired

  • Your document does not include a work permit

  • Wrong document uploaded (e.g. an Imma or a health insurance card)

  • Duplicate (i.e. you already have a valid document in your profile)

  • The data you provided does not match the document (e.g. wrong name)

You can then upload your document repeatedly and we will process it once again. :) Please note: we can't accept documents via mail. You always have to upload your documents in your profile. 

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